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Juice Fast Days 2 & 3 March 24, 2011

Folks sorry for the delay. I had a ridiculously long day on Tuesday and well, yesterday wasn’t much better.  So here it is Day 4 and I’m feeling great. A little mentally jonesed for solid food but physically I feel amazing. I haven’t been hungry and my energy level has been pretty even. Day 2 was exactly the same as Day 1, except in the late afternoon I had a combo of Greens and homemade Tomato Juice with Lemon. The tang of the tomato and lemon help to wash down the bitterness of my last 8oz of Columbia Gorge Organics Leafy Greens. Sure, I got 1lb of green vegetables in that glass but it was not tasty. Imagine a combo of dirt and the bitterness of celery leaf or root. YUM!!! I think the mixture would taste much better with more cucumber and less celery, but they didn’t ask for my recipe.

Day 3, I eliminated the Columbia Gorge Organics Leafy Greens and replaced it with Columbia Gorge Organics Carrot, Beet, Celery. Much better, but almost too sweet. I’m beginning to think the two mixed together would be perfect, though a very ugly shade of olive, brownish, green. My day ended with the wonderful treat of cashew milk with agave, vanilla and cinnamon. That has got to be the best part of the day. That is definitely something I will keep in my diet after the cleanse and I’m thinking it might be tasty with a little kahlua added. A kind of vegan white russian.

Well, that’s it for now. I will tune back in to give you the continued low down on Day 4 and Day 5. 

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