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Back on the blogging wagon February 2, 2011

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Hey gang,

Sorry I’d seemed to disappear. Life got crazy after April 2010. My fiance and I moved to a larger house with a huge yard for us and our 5 dogs. Yes that’s right 5 dogs, 1 lab and 4 chihuahuas. If that wasn’t enough there was just the day to day craziness of running my business and trying to keep up with classes, clients and Urban Adventures. I loved every minute of it but felt at times like it was a game of catch up and what never got caught up was this blog.

I am now in a much more relaxed place. I have given myself mandatory breaks and short days instead of being available 6am-8pm, 5 days a week and 6am-2pm on Saturdays. That was running me into the ground and on the fast trackĀ  to burnout.

Now that my days are shorter, I have had time to get back to not only this blog but to cooking which I will share with you both in recipes and photos.

Well it’s great to be back but I’m going to keep this one short. I will be back tomorrow with a workout and recipe for the week.

Happy Sweating in 2011.