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From Anita Rodgers January 19, 2010

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“Heather Parsons is a stellar Pilates teacher and trainer. Her knowledge of body mechanics comes not only from her professional training, but also from personal experience in rebuilding herself after a debilitating cycling accident left her with permanent and semi-permanent injuries. Heather is funny and supportive, which helps when she demands that extra set of squats or pull-ups. Heather is always willing to devise new approaches to work on or around my weak areas, making each session engaging and effective. And then there is her love for Chihuahuas.”

– Anita Rodgers, Seattle, WA


From J.

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“I play a lot of sports including volleyball and softball.  Heather has been amazing at tailoring my workouts to improve my game.  My core strength has increased, muscle mass improved, and I feel better physically and mentally.  I recommend her to all of my friends, both as a personal trainer and an aerobic boot camp instructor.”



From Alice B.

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“I do appreciate how you push me even when I am tired or resist. Keep it up!  I can feel the benefits already and am slowly becoming addicted to working out and working out with you.”

-Alice B.


From Audrey S.

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“Thanks for keeping my mom moving abd so happy.  We will get her to stand up straighter,  feel stronger, and moving more confident every week!”

-Audrey S.


Philosophy January 4, 2010

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My fitness philosophy focuses on fitness from the inside out. This style uses the approach of functional fitness like you would find in a Physical Therapy setting. I believe this enhances and benefits traditional cardiovascular and strength training exercises. I am known for thinking and working outside of the box. There are no physical limitations that I cannot work with.